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Hey Sonja,
My dad adopted a Havanese from you in December 2016. I just wanted to give you an update on how he is doing and to say thank you for our precious baby. His name is Bentley and he is now almost 2 years old, weighing in at a healthy 14 pounds. He loves to play fetch and tug-of-war and follows us wherever we go. Nap time cuddles and giving kisses are his favorite though. He is still very much a puppy at soul even though he is almost 2 and we adore having him around. He brightens our days and strangers constantly are telling us what a pretty and happy dog he is. Thank you for our wonderful little family member!

The Boutross's


Hi Sonja:
I am so happy with my new Havanese puppy, Mila (shortfor Camila). I have attached a picture to show you how she has grown! The last vet visit she was 3.2 pounds, and the vet says she is doing very well. She comes to work with me every day and the whole building now comes by our office to play with her. She plays hard and sleeps hard. She is doing extremely well with her housebreaking and is just a joy to have here!
Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our lives.
Barbara Stewart


Sweet Bella just came home with us yesterday, but she has already stolen our hearts! Thank you Sonja for helping us to pick the perfect puppy for our family. The boys are already having so much fun with her! Her first night was amazing. She whimpered for a couple minutes after we left her in her crate, but was quiet the rest of the night. You can tell that she has been given a lot of love before we brought her home! We are so excited about her being a part of our family!

Thank You!
The Mickholtzick Family



Hi Sonja,

Just a note to say that Jake is an absolute delight...full of pep, playfulness, quick to adapt and learn. His intro on my Facebook page returned wide acclaim....one pic attached.


At his vet visit yesterday he weighed in at 1.7 pounds and received a clean bill of health.


Cheers from Lenoir City...Vince

Hey Sonja,
Just wanted to give you a little update on Roo...She is the sweetest thing ever....She is so easy and has such a  layed back temperment.  Dumplin and Roo play every morning...it has become a ritual for them....
O'Malley just does his own thing.  I am suprised that she wasn't gone sooner but am so glad to have her.
Thanks and have a great day,
We adopted an 11 week old Havanese puppy from Hav'n'Hold Havanese Kennel in late January. We were impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and Sonja's attitude on raising high quality pups that would be long term companions for their owners. We've had Carly for nearly two months and are very pleased


We thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures of Carly on her first birthday. She has been an absolute joy since we got her last January 28th. 

Dan & Bonnie
Fairfield Glade, TN
Dear Mrs. Schedin,
I just wanted to let you know how happy with our puppy. We love her sooo much.
We had been pet free for several years and she had certainly filled an empty spot in our family that we didn't even realize we had.
We named her Pepper.
Her fancy AKC name is Pass the Pepper Please.
So far, she has been to the vet twice. Once to just give her a look over that first week we had her and then this week she got her next set of shots. She's already gained about 2 lbs and the vet said she looked great.
Pepper is so loving and friendly and smart.
We are about to start training her to ring a bell at the door to let us know when she needs to go outside.
Thank you so much!
The Wilkinson Family
Bethlehem, Georgia


Tallulah Bell

Hi! I just wanted to send you some pictures of our sweet Tallulah Bell. She was born October 9th last year, and we came to pick her up on December 10th  She is an absolute perfect dog, and we just love her to pieces. It is amazing how resilient she is. She came through her spay surgery like it had never even happened - she is a tough cookie - and never missed a beat. Now, at almost a year old, she weighs 7 lbs.  Thank you for allowing us to have her in our home; I couldn't imagine life without her!




Hi Sonja,

I just wanted to check in. Our little girl is doing great and has adjusted very quickly. We are so excited to have her! My husband fell in love as soon as he saw her. As I knew she would, she had a clean bill of health at the vet today. 

We have named her - Leah Kinsley Miller

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we love our new puppy. She is so smart, funny and lovable.
We can finally see her eyes. I have started puppy school with her. She does better than I do.
Thank you again for making such a wonderful dog available to us.
Sharon & Gordon

I was going through some photos and I thought you would like to see one of Wicket. He's doing well and getting better everyday. He still takes a daily dose of stool softener which seems to keep him regular. Wicket loves to take walks at the park, play with the kids and hang out with his humans.

He isn't perfect but he is perfect for us! Thanks for all you did to help us compete our little family!
Macie and Rookey...
These two pups have brought us so much joy over the past year and a half. We are so thankful to Sonja at Hav'n'Hold Havanese for bringing these two into our life. Sonja does such an amazing job and cares so much about the homes that her puppies go to. We have now decided to adopt another puppy from her, we get him in January 2016. Stay tuned for pictures. Thank you again Sonja for bringing somuch love into our home.
The Kinley -Lawrence family
Hi Sonja, This is to update you on Carson. He is doing great and loving his family. He turned 6 months Dec 11 and had his surgery on December 15, 2015, which went well. He is so smart and loves to play with his brothers, even if they are not in the mood to play! He listens well, is very well behaved and has a great temperment. We love him so much. Thank you for a very well socialized and adjusted pup! We so appreciate him.
Thanks Jill Copeland

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